Mindful Holidays - If you are like me, I won’t be sad to end 2020 and start 2021.  This year has been bananas!!  Now with the holidays upon us, we have a heightened desire for some sense of normalcy since we have been in such an extended period of restriction.  However, this desire can trigger financial overspending and […]
Podcast: Identify Your Money Archetype and Take Control of Your Financial Future - Carrie Casden is a business manager, Certified Money Coach, and the founder of Summit Financial Management. She joins Stacy Francis to discuss the eight money archetypes and how to identify them, becoming the driver on the road to financial security, and how to spend wisely.
Marriage, Divorce & Finances - Most of us are taught from an early age that there are three subjects you don’t discuss in public: politics, religion and money. Of course, behind closed doors, families talk about politics and their religious beliefs, but many families will simply not discuss money, even with their children. In this article, I'll provide some background on why different people feel shame when they speak about finances, and I will also offer some solutions that can help make "money talk" conversations about easier for everyone to have.
Podcast: Your Relationship to Money and Divorce with Carrie Casden - There's often a variety of emotions that come up when talking about or dealing with money. If you don't work on the feelings now, it's going to be much harder to stay on a budget during divorce.
Podcast: Money & Post Divorce Finance Tips with Carrie Hausner Casden - Laura and Johnnie are joined by top business manager and certified money and financial coach Carrie Hausner Casden (Summit Financial Management).
Can Money Make or Break Your Marriage? - In the event of a divorce, stress can come at you from all angles. There’s the emotional turmoil, of course , but there’s also the financial fallout which can cause just as much anguish, if not more.
Managing Your Post-Divorce Finances - A client of mine going through a divorce came to me for financial coaching and we determined she would receive enough alimony and child support to last her between eight to twelve years depending on how much she would curtail her current lifestyle.