At Summit Financial Management, Inc. we customize our services to suit the individual needs and requirements of each client. Our professionals handle all accounts receivable and payable with a system which allocates income and expenses into the proper tax categories.

Overhead budgets are prepared and periodically reviewed with clients in order to plan their financial future and security. Additionally, we also provide referrals to a wide range of competent professionals who handle matters outside of the business management umbrella.

What do we do?

  • Banking Assistance
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Cash Flow Projections & Control
  • Financial Management
  • Insurance Coordination
  • Investment Coordination
  • Strategic Concepts & Forecasting

Everyone’s financial journey is unique. We pride ourselves on having decades of experience working one-on-one with our clients from a variety of fields. With our proven track-record of excellence, we are delighted to bring our clients the best financial management services in Los Angeles.

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